Colorado Basin Drought Photo Gallery

The gallery opens with four slide shows:  an auto-show of overlaying annual NASA satallite images of upper Lake Powell from 1999 to 2017, with options to pause and manually choose an image; a 3-slide manual show of the varying lake levels at Hite Marina; an auto-show of NASA satellite images of Lake Mead in 2000 and 2015; and a 2-slide infrared auto-show of the Muddy and Virgin Rivers inflows to the northern tip of Lake Mead.  The NASA auto-shows dramatically show the effects of the drought on the lakes' area and content.  The rest of the gallery presents scenic photos of Lake Powell and Lake Mead with drought-exposed water-bleached bathtub rings  [ok, so that's a joke: the water-bleached appearance is caused by calcium carbonate and other hard minerals deposited by the water on the darker sandstone, just like real bathtub rings].

2013  Hite Marina  Lake Mead Satellite View in 2000  Satellite1  Lake Mead October 2010 boating on the lake  the Desert Princess  Lake Mead October 2010  Lake Mead 1983  low lake Glen Canyon  Lone Rock  Houseboating  Glen Canyon  Gounded buoy Last Chance Bay  Dry Mead at Pearce Ferry  Dry Boulder Harbor  Echo Bay launch  Echo Bay launch buoy Dry Boulder Harbor  Glen Canyon Dam  Las Vegas Intake