Traipsing the Highline, Vienna, Austria

Traipsing the Highline

Conditions were perfect.  Sunshine and low wind, which is good, of course, when walking on a one-inch line 60 meters [197 feet] above the ground, says photographer Sebastian Wahlhuetter of highliner Igor Scotland, seen here attempting to stand on the line while another highliner is hanging out in a hammock below him.

The men were attempting to walk across the longest and highest urban highline ever set in Austria and one of the longest urban highlines in the world, Wahlhuetter says.

Numerous permits were required before being allowed to attempt the highline walk, and in order to be in the right place at the right time, Wahlhuetter and the community group known as the Vienna Slackliners had to wake up early that morning to set up the sophisticated rigging between the buildings and get in position, he says.

This urban highline was very probably one of the most spectacular highlines ever rigged, Wahlhuetter says.

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