Goblin Valley State Park

SCC Release Notes

Version 29.5: (in process)  Major under-the-hood changes that are not visible include the proliferation of jQuery routines, and the standardization of 3:2 and 4:3 photos (now delayed to v30).  A minor change that might be noticed is a slight increase in the size of the menu font.

Version 29: (9 July 2019)  This is the first time in the 16 years we have maintained this site (and its predecessor ColorCountryComputing) that we have generated release notes.  v29 changes the way we open pages:  inside the current window as opposed to opening the page in a new window or tab.  This requires a change in the way we exit pages - from requiring a click on a "Close window" button to allowing the usual swipe on devices like phones, while retaining a [   close ] button for traditional displays.  The close button is identical to the browser's back-arrow.  Included in this release are some invisible code mods, and grammer and spelling corrections.

Using html5 & CSS3, our site passes the "mobile friendly" test, but it really is designed for larger displays.  I think our relatively small menu text and large photos are anything but friendly to phones, particularly for the large number of low-resolution iPhones.  But a granddaughter who has never seen a desktop monitor thinks it is fine (am I really that out-dated?).  So, although this release makes us more mobile-friendly, the desktop and larger tablets are still where our site is best viewed - where menus may be easily selected, and large photos are contained inside the screen.

This page is the first time we have used a large banner image on a page.  We like it better than opening a small page in a Javascript window or having a huge blank area at the bottom, so larger banner images may appear on some pages as we continue to develop the site.

Mr. Pnkston used artificial lighting to back-light the goblins directly below the Milky Way galaxy in the banner photo.