Scenic Video Clips

Zion's National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park are multi-stage slide and video presentations published by the National Park Service (NPS).  The Grand Canyon is a 7 min 22 sec simulated fly-through produced by NPS, NASA, and USGS.  The first three videos play from NPS sites, the remaining videos are on YouTube.  The Secrets of Redrock (15:30) was produced by the Discovery Channel.

There are two versions of the Burr Trail video, the tile selects the long version (24:08), click the caption link for the shorter version (11:00).  The Chute of Muddy Creek has two versions, kayak in high water (4:53) and hike with low water (4:06) - the tile selects the hike version, select the caption link for the kayak version.  Most of these videos scale well to full screen.

Select a tile to view its video.  Note:  the video captions may not display properly in older browsers.
Also note that NPS links change or disappear without notice.

Zion's National Park  Bryce Canyon National Park  Grand Canyon Video
Zion's National ParkBryce Canyon National ParkGrand Canyon Fly-over
Red Rock  Arches  Burr Trail
Secrets of the Red Rock in Arches & Canyonlands (15:37)Geology of Arches National Park (3:32)Burr Trail (24:08)  short version (11:00)
Arches National Park  Zion Narrows  Goblin Valley  Muddy Creek
Arches National Park (8:57)Zion's Narrows (7:06)Goblin Valley State Park (3:10)Chute of Muddy Creek (4:06) kayak (4:53)